Monday, 6 May 2013

Beautiful Mallorca - a perfect holiday

         After a year of hard work I was longing for a holiday. I was imagining myself on a distant island forgetting about college, assignments and work experience. Of course, it had to be a warm place after a long winter. Thus we booked the flight from Manchester to Majorca.

               It was 11:30 pm when we reached Torrenova and the streets were full of party people, most of them British teenagers. Everybody was very happy and friendly, enjoying the atmosphere of the resort and the beach.

              When I woke up the second day in the morning I was delighted by the landscape which lay in front of my hotel window. It was the deep blue sea shaking in waves, the rays of sun reflecting in them and a little island arising from the sea.

               The next days we explored the around resorts such as Palmanova, Magaluf, we found quiet and candid places and we were amazed by the sights. There were places with sharp big rocks, waves smashing into them and peaceful beaches with soft warm sand and crystalline water.

             The sea water was amazing. Clean and so clear that I could see the bottom of the sea and the schools of fish swimming in water. The temperature of the water was warm enough for me to swim in the sea.

               I was amazed by the Palma city. It is such a warm, welcoming, well organised and beautiful city. I enjoyed every inch of the historical city centre and I really liked the new part.

In conclusion, I enjoyed all the beautiful sights and landscapes, I relaxed and felt the sunshine, the soft warm sand and the crystalline water. Although I got a little burnt by the sun, I felt that I could live there forever.