Saturday, 28 May 2011

The way in which television influences our life

It's undeniable that television has an important role in nowadays people's lives. Television is a mass way of communication that can influence in a good or bad way someone's life. It depends on what we watch and for how long. Although I don't like spending too much time watching TV, I use it to be informed with the recent events, to learn new things and sometimes to relax.

Television is a good way to be updated with the news. There are many channels, which broadcast news twenty-four hours a day. Many people take part at world's events by watching TV. For example when there's an important event or when something happens in the world the first thing that people do is to turn on their TV sets. They watch it breathlessly to see what's happening. I also turn on my TV from time to time to watch the news or the weather forecast but I don’t always trust the things they say.

There are some educational channels I choose from time to time. They are about history, nature and wild life, travelings or scientific discoveries. I find interesting the documentary films and when I'm tired of reading I enjoy watching them. There are many people who don't read and this can be a good way to improve their knowledge although they can't assimilate as much information as they would assimilate by reading a book.

Most of the people spend their time on television watching talk shows, movies, advertisements, easy shows and rarely something classical or cultural. They think they are relaxing in this way but they are not. To relax we need serenity or you can't find this on television. All they want is to escape from real life and from problems. I assume the liability of comparing television with drugs because I know there are many people addicted. When I walk by evening through my neighborhood I can see through the windows many families laying like hypnotists in front of their TV sets.

We cannot escape of modern things which invade our life, but we can choose. Television can influence our life in a good way or in a bad way. It all depends on what we watch and for how long.

I've done this essay to improve my English language skills but it also represents a personal view. I apologize for the possible grammar or spelling mistakes. It is also an interesting topic.
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