Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why do news editors decide to broadcast bad news?

There are many ways to be up to date with the news nowadays. News are broadcasted on television, on radio, are presented in web sites on Internet and printed in magazines or newspapers. News is everywhere. When the news editors decide what to broadcast they want to sell. They search for news that will draw people's attention. They want great, extraordinary news. Because the human nature is emphatic people pay attention at bad news like disasters, crimes, crises or accidents. Even if news is not so tragic it is presented in a bad way because they want to sell.

Most of the television channels are addressed to the ordinary people. Because the ordinary people are sometimes bored and tired to think, the television gives them some adrenaline and catch their attention with disastrous, tragic, devastating bad news. People may think they are used with such news but they have subtle effect on people's mental. Bad news make people to be pessimistic, concerned and anxious.

In conclusion, if you want to protect against the bad news and their evil influence you must be very selective.

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