Monday, 30 July 2012

Volunteering for British Heart Foundation, Perth, Scotland

The British Heart Foundation is one of the largest charity organizations in the United Kingdom. Its great aim is to fight against heart disease. The organization provides independent funds for heart research and plays an important role in providing life-saving cardiac equipment. It also helps patients by giving support to rehabilitation programmes and it helps people reducing their own heart health risk by providing information and organizing campaigns.
Volunteering for 3 months for British Heart Foundation in Perth was a wonderful experience for me. I was part of a great team and I did my best to help them with everyday tasks. People working there are like a family and they made me feel a part of it. I learned many new things and I made many friends. It was also a great way to gain work experience and to learn new skills. I am grateful to all in the team and I hope I made a difference.
I really recommend people volunteering in their spare time. It helps to connect to the community and make it better. I am happy I could help and I’m willing to do that again whenever I’ll be able.
A world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease – this is the British Heart Foundation vision and mine as well.

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